Serving size

What does a serving size like, exactly? Try envisioning a steak as a deck of cards or a potato as a computer mouse - that's a serving size. I use these handy visualizaation and daily recommendation to create my objects. You can see dinner, sandwich witch chees and still life with apples. This is my analyses of the problem of diet which so many people have to face these days. I try to present visions people can have looking at their non-edible objects while being in a diet.


And that’s all

Work ‘’And that’s all’’ was created as a continuation of my previous works inspired by household guides. As it is in the case of the work called ‘’How to do’’ I am interested in unusual combinations of ordinary objects of everyday use accompanied by simple explanation of their constellation. Even though objects look like works of contemporary artists they are inspired by everyday life or have literally been drawn out of it. The impulse to creating those objects was a cartoon-like TV series ‘’ Pat and Mat’’ about adventures of two DIY enthusiasts. Two friends in each episode struggle with household faults and failures. Results of their efforts, as much as useless in real life, could fit in the gallery space at many contemporary art exhibitions..

Good advice

Good advice works are presented by different media:installation, object, performance and picture depending on subject's character. My works are made of ordinary and common objects such as flowers,vegetables and everyday things which make up something entirely new when taken out of their original context. I am interested in their effect on each other as well as the meaning of the unusual place they are in - a gallery.i combine them and put objects together although at the first glance they look strange and unnatural. My installations, however, are not made at random and can be decoded with the use of texts extracted from Good Advice books. These advice are supposed to be helpful in everyday life activities like cooking,cleaning or gardening.My installations are made to illustrate the bizzare nature of good advice texts.